York-Durham Heritage Railway

frequently asked questions

Where can I buy tickets?

- Buy tickets on-line. Simply click the “Tickets Online” heading. or,
- E-mail your request to: tickets@ydhr.ca. or,
- Tickets for regular trips are available at the train station beginning 45 minutes prior to train departure from the ticket agent at each station

What forms of payment can I use?

We accept PayPal, VISA®, MasterCard®, cash, and debit (Interac®).

Can I ride in the caboose?

Yes, we offer caboose rides for a small additional charge provided that we have sufficient train personnel available. Reservations must be made seven days in advance.
Please email caboose@ydhr.on.ca for details and reservations.

How early before departure should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at the station no later than 30 minutes prior to departure.

Can I bring my own lunch?

Yes, you may bring food on board, but please dispose of all litter in the garbage or recycling bins provided in each coach.
Thanks for helping to keep our coaches clean and tidy.

Are the trains air-conditioned?

Our trains are heritage equipment, so they are not air conditioned.
All of our coaches have windows that open.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, we have found that pets are often upset and anxious while travelling on trains.
So as protection for them, their owners and other passengers we do not allow them on board.
However, Guide dogs can be brought on board.

What can I do in Uxbridge?

There are restaurants, gift shops, variety stores, coffee shops and pubs within a 5-minute walk of the station
(see our handout listing stores, shops and attractions).
Check out our railway museum, located in the Uxbridge station.

Can I see inside the locomotive?

Yes, during our layovers in Uxbridge and Stouffville, tours of the locomotive cab are available when safety personnel are on hand.

What can I do in Stouffville?

There is an art gallery, a fine walk in the park with outdoor sculptures and restaurants,
all within a 10 minute walk of the station (see our handout listing stores, shops and attractions).

Can I reach your location by public transit?

GO Transit operates buses to both Stouffville and Uxbridge on weekends, stopping at both stations.
There is no York Region Transit weekend service to Stouffville and there is no Durham Region Transit weekend service to Uxbridge.

What can I do on-board during the trip?

You are free to move about the train once the conductor has collected your ticket.
There are souvenirs, confections, a wheelchair-accessible washroom and a toy train in our open-to-the-air baggage car.
Our clown does face painting and makes balloon animals. Ask the ticket agent about other activities for young children.

My group consists of 1 Senior, 3 Adults and 2 Children. Can our group buy only a family pass?

Our research has shown that most small groups have 2 adults and 2 or 3 children.
We have chosen to call this combination of passengers a family and offer a special price for only that combination of people.
This example group would need to buy 1 adult fare, 1 senior fare and 1 family pass (for the remaining 2 adults and 2 children) to travel.

Can I rent the entire train for my company party?

Yes, our train is available during the week for private functions.
Please click on “Private Bookings” on our website or, email groupsales@ydhr.ca with the subject line of "YDHR Groups Inquiry" for further details.

Do you have any regular service during the week?

No, we operate regularly only on Saturdays and Sundays.
Our railway is operated entirely by volunteers, some of whom are retired, but the majority have full-time jobs.

Do I need a railway background to volunteer with the YDHR?

No, we have members from all types of backgrounds who just love railways.
If you are willing to learn, then we are pleased to train you.

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